One Country Project 2020 Issues Guide

When we started the One Country Project (OCP) last year, our goal was to listen and reengage with rural America, reopening a dialogue that too many national Democrats assumed was closed forever. One thing each of us has learned throughout our political careers is that you have to show up. And we did. We had conversations, we held focus groups, we talked to folks on the ground, and we asked rural America over and over again: What do you care about?

OCP has looked closely at the electoral math. Our data shows even with increases in urban and suburban turnout, the presidency, and the U.S. Senate are out of reach for Democrats. To put it another way, we need to stop losing rural voters in droves or we will never hold the White House or a majority in Congress. This issue guide goes back to our foundational question: what do rural voters care about?

Like all Americans, they care about jobs, health care, climate change, and immigration. But no one felt national Democrats were speaking to these issues in a way that resonated with their families, their communities, and their concerns. Rural problems need rural solutions, and a one-size-fits-all approach to policymaking fails to address the unique values, problems, and pride of those living in rural counties.

This issue guide provides talking points and OCP research broken down by issue area to include: the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, the economy, trade, health care, climate change, immigration, and the United States Postal Service.

We hope you use it and can help reopen and reengage with rural Americans. The future of our party depends on it.


The One Country Project Board