August 27, 2020 


Democratic Platform Addresses Rural Concerns While Republicans Give Trump Unconditional Allegiance
The GOP choice to forego a vision for the future offers little hope for rural communities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the One Country Project Board of Directors released the below statement, recognizing policies within the Democratic Party platform to address issues of rural concern while chastising the Republican Party for failing to offer any new policy or ideas of its own. Read the full analysis of each party’s platforms here. 

Since One Country Project’s founding in April 2019, it has been a hub of policy analysis, thought leadership, and outreach between rural constituencies and policymakers inside the Beltway. One Country has closely tracked the Trump administration’s trade policy and its downstream effect on American farmers and manufacturers; the dire need to increase resources and support for rural health care systems; the need to expand access to rural broadband; and the vital role the U.S. Postal Service plays in rural communities. 

 “It is clear, through both the diversity of voices included in last week’s Democratic National Convention and the policies proposed in the party’s platform, that leaders within the Democratic Party are listening. The Democratic Party platform includes policies to improve rural health care, partner with farmers and move forward together toward a greener agricultural economy, deploy rural broadband, and more.  

“The Republican Party, on the other hand, has no new ideas to offer. The Republican National Committee has released a statement professing its loyalty to President Trump, going so far as to say that any efforts to amend the Republican Party’s 2016 platform or propose new policy planks would be ruled ‘out of order.’ And that is precisely what has occurred. 

“After nearly a week of speeches, the Republican Party and President Trump have shown themselves to be merchants of grievance and nothing more. There is no marketplace of ideas within the Republican Party, and no new solutions for rural America. Under the Trump administration, our democratic institutions have been weakened, our farm sector has been mired in crisis, manufacturing has slumped, millions of jobs have been lost, and health care coverage has consistently been threatened even as tens of thousands of American lives are lost due to COVID-19. 

It is clear one party takes the struggles of living in a geographically isolated town with struggling public schools and no hospital seriously, and the other does not.  


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