November 17, 2020



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One Country Project Shines Spotlight on Governor Kristi Noem


As Gov. Noem Stumps for Trump South Dakotans are Dying for Leadership


Washington, D.C. – One Country Project (OCP) launched a digital ad campaign in South Dakota, highlighting Governor Kristi Noem’s lack of leadership on the COVID-19 pandemic.


The campaign targeted several online media outlets across the metro area and on digital billboards in Sioux Falls. It calls out Governor Noem’s ongoing failure to protect South Dakotans from the coronavirus as the state hits record numbers of cases.


“The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting rural America harder than ever, and Governor Noem’s approach has been to lavish praise on soon-to-be former President Trump while doing nothing to control the spread of the deadly virus,” said OCP co-founder Heidi Heitkamp. “Instead of leading South Dakota and working to address the increasingly high COVID-19 case and hospitalization rate, she is campaigning for Trump in states across the country. South Dakotans know that common-sense actions like wearing a mask and limiting large gatherings are necessary to stop the spread of the virus across the state, yet Noem continues to bury her head in the sand and deny science. All South Dakota has got in return for the leadership vacuum created by Governor Noem’s inaction is the highest infection rate in the country. Governor Noem has shown that she cares more about being best friends with a lousy president than she does about protecting her constituents.”




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