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Infrastructure bill includes billions for broadband

Infrastructure bill includes billions for broadband

The infrastructure bill heading to President Biden's desk includes $65 billion to improve high-speed internet access and affordability.

Why it matters: The pandemic proved the necessity of connectivity to participate in daily American life, and Biden's administration acknowledged that by including this funding in the infrastructure package.

By the numbers: The funding is aimed towards building high-speed internet networks, helping low-income families pay for service and digital equity programs.

Between the lines: Early fears from cable and telecom companies that Biden’s broadband plan would lead to government-backed competitors in their service footprints or price regulation went unrealized.

The intrigue: The power player on broadband funding will be the Commerce Department because its telecom division has a key oversight role in how the $42.45 billion in state funding will be spent.

What to watch: The infrastructure bill also highlights funding for WiFi networks in apartment buildings.

What's next: Biden's social spending bill, the Build Back Better Act, includes increased funding for Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission antitrust enforcement, more money for distance learning and $500 million to create a privacy bureau within the FTC.


Posted on November 8, 2021 in News.
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