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Our Work

The One Country Project is dedicated to reopening the dialogue with rural communities, rebuilding trust and respect, and advancing an opportunity agenda for rural Americans. Our mission is to ensure rural America’s priorities and values are heard, understood, well-represented and reflected in policy in Washington.

On the Issues

The One Country Project’s Rural Playbook provides a guide to the issues impacting rural voters and how Democrats can best connect with them on the key issues of the economy, inflation, abortion, immigration, crime, and others in lead up to Election Day 2022.

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Upcoming Events

It’s clear that rural America holds an essential role in moving our country forward and deciding who controls the agenda in Washington, D.C., yet rural America is often left out of important policy decisions. This conference will bring together rural stakeholders from across the country to ensure future policy addresses the challenges rural communities face. Along with discussions of important rural priorities, we’ll also highlight the vital role rural areas play in shaping the nation’s energy, economic, and agricultural future.

The One Country Project Rural Progress Summit will provide a forum to develop a consensus on the future of rural America and its position as a leader in the future of our country.

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