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About Us

The One Country Project’s mission is to ensure rural America’s priorities and values are heard, understood, well-represented and reflected in policy in Washington. The One Country Project provides research to the issues impacting rural voters and how Democrats can best connect with them on the key issues of the economy, inflation, abortion, immigration, crime, and others in lead up to the next election cycle.

About 60 million people, or one in five Americans, live in rural America. The Census Bureau defines rural as “any population, housing, or territory NOT in an urban area.” This definition fails to discern the complexities of rural Americans and communities across the country. Lack of investments in rural America has led to inadequate resources, essential infrastructure, and opportunities for young people. The global pandemic has shed light on the lack of resources to rural communities and how investing in rural America will benefit the country for generations to come.

The One Country Project is dedicated to advancing rural America. For Democrats to win they must reopen the dialogue with rural communities, rebuild trust and respect, and advance an opportunity agenda for rural Americans.

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