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Lines of Influence: Alabama’s Redistricting Dilemma & America’s Opioid Epidemic

In this episode of The Hot Dish, we hear two very different stories about the significance of community and understanding those around us.

First, Rep. Anthony Daniels joins to talk with Heidi about the importance of redrawing district lines in Alabama to ensure African American voters are represented equitably. Rep. Daniels stresses the importance of addressing the ways in which political and economic developments are intertwined in Alabama, and what measures are being taken to improve the lives of Rural Alabamians.

Then, we hear from Angela Kennecke about the realities of the opioid epidemic in Rural America. Angela discusses the various facets of addiction and some of the ways in which it can start. She speaks about the lack of resources available in rural communities, and why early education about addiction is paramount.

Rep. Anthony Daniels is the house minority leader in the Alabama House of Representatives. He is a board member of the One Country Project and former elementary school teacher. His legislation is focused on economic development for his constituents.

Angela Kennecke is a journalist, host of the podcast Grieving Out Loud, and founder of Emily’s Hope. Her own family’s journey with addiction and loss has inspired her to turn heartbreak into action in her quest to ensure no other families endure the same experience.

Posted on September 13, 2023 in Podcasts.
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